Personal trainers, Gym owner – Make your marketing budget count.

As a personal fitness trainer you are always on the move. One on one coaching is time consuming and requires your full dedication. You are a one man (or women) show. You need to focus on your customers and you don’t have time or resources to manage online campaigns.

Ads, Campaigns, Landing pages, conversions – all these are merely a distractions and the only tracking you are interested in is macros tracking – not the performance of your marketing campaigns.

This is why we created Locali Fitness. A complete solution to promote your fitness, wellness and nutrition business – you don’t need to worry about designing ads, creating landing pages or checking CRMs – customers will arrive to your phone with a simple phone call, Whatsapp message or contact details.

Understanding your Target Audience

Tell us about your business. Who your best customers are? What age range? Gender? Are you looking to have customers in your neighborhood? city? state? You can even target people that visit gyms, country clubs or sport facilities in general.


Creating your ads with our templates

Next, you can select one of our professionally prepared templates and customize it. It’s that simple. The templates already formatted to fit all common ad sizes on mobile phones. 

Generating customers. Not Clicks.

Finally, you can determine how customers should reach you. Already got a landing page that collects leads? Great, we can drive customers to it. Don’t have a landing page or even a site? No problem – we can use click to call campaign to drive phone calls to your business, or alternatively allows customers to send your messages using Whatsapp.