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A hyper-local In-App mobile programmatic DSP/DMP platform
Team of Skilled Pros
Led by seasoned advertising industry pros, we deliver innovative solutions across all the mediums available nowadays.
We Love Small Businesses!
Our ultimate goal and passion are about helping small businesses to meet the ever-shifting needs of communities and cultures.

What do we actually do?

Locali is a geo-location and data management mobile advertising platform. Hyper-local marketing is the process of targeting prospective customers and creating brand awareness in a selected geographical area.

Click to Call

Generate phone calls to your business.

Click to Chat

Engage potential customer using WhatsApp

Drive Foot Traffic

Send potential customers to your business

Hyper Targeting

Target your audience and correct segment

Popular Segments

Health, Wellness and Fitness

A complete solution to promote your fitness, wellness or nutrition business.

CBD Products

Promote your CBD products using digital marketing and HyperTargeting

Personal Injury Lawyers

Reach more potential clients and grow your practice with perfectly timed messages.

Political Campaigns

Address your potential voters with tailored messages based on their location, participation in events, protests and rallies.

Years of Experience

We are a team of highly dedicated digital advertising professionals with years of experience

Data Driven

We believe that data is key for successful digital marketing and advertising campaigns

We Love Challenges!

The small business segment is a highly challenging one. We invest our effort to make your hard earned dollars be profitable

Not Clicks.

We focus on segments that can bring your business customers. We generate customers – not clicks.

Some of Our Work

Over the years we’ve taken hundreds of projects, succeeding in every single one of those!
Small Business
אחוה ממרחים

Achva spreadables. Hyperlocal in proximity to outdoor billboards

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 17.13.14

Targeting actual viewers at the stadium


Increasing ‘walk-ins’ traffic to the gallery in Manhattan.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-26 at 15.00.24

CrossFit Yokneam - get new members


1 Hatzmicha Str.
Yokenam, Israel